Blog Called Jacq


I created Blog Called Jacq back in 2013 while working as a
Skincare Therapist in Los Angeles. I was living in Pasadena California where I often found myself exploring local boutiques, sippin’ on espresso, browsing through florists, writing, and taking photos as an escape from the big city lifestyle.
Alongside me through these early years of Jacq was my
Jack Russell, Leila Lou hence the name Jacq.”
My Type A personality has always kept me moving. I’m competitive, passionate, and full of ideas. The hardest part has always been staying focused on one idea. I knew after ten years of being a Cosmetologist & Aesthetician that simply wasn’t enough for me. I was getting bored with the idea that things had to stay so structured in these industries. I collected my ideas for another four years on what I envisioned my home to be someday, and when the stars finally aligned I was able to push play. 
The Blog & Me matured into something beautiful. It didn’t just open my mind, it opened doors to opportunity. It created strength in my character, it pushed me to believe in myself, and with those years of patience and knowledge, it led me to like-minded people who believed in my creative ideas. Fast forward to 2016 where I had the opportunity of a lifetime to open a brick and mortar that unleashed all of my creativity under one house. It felt as if the years of hard work suddenly burst into the air like confetti! Follow along as I open up on my new edition titled Jacq & Jack, but still sitting on the same shelf as Blog Called Jacq. (wink-wink)

Photo By Vanessa Boy