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With 2016 long gone, and 2017 in full speed. I still have to wonder where did all my posts go? Oh, I know “piled up on my hard drive” because I just don’t have time to edit like I used too! So I decided to create a category called FRI-NALLY, and under this category, you can expect to see posts that have gone missing or posts from the past that I just never had time to get too. I think all writers, bloggers, photographers can relate that in this industry with new content daily. It’s so easy to get backed up. So with that said I’m excited to launch “FRI-NALLY” on Jacq, and feature some great content from the past. Look out for this category on Fridays as I felt it suitable for a bonus day. I may trickle these posts on other days, but Friday is the dedicated day. K. Cool. Well wishing you all a great weekend, and let me know if there are any great past posts you want me to come check out on your blog. 

This post was photographed back in Spring 2015. When I was temporary living in Columbus Ohio for about six months. Columbus is one of the nation’s hidden gems. Had I not been invited to stay in this beautiful town by an old friend I don’t think I would’ve, but let me tell you visiting Columbus should be. From the dining in The Short North, to shopping at the open aired outdoor mall in Easton Town Center, to laying low in German Village. This place has it all. Minus the crazy cold winters, I could totally see myself looking into real estate here in the future. Put it on the list because Columbus is comin’ up, and there’s no stopping their high energy and cuteness! 

xx, Tiffany 

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March 17, 2017



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    Yelena Cameron

    March 12, 2017

    How perfect is your look….casual shorts and elegant top…gold jewelry…it’s so eye catching! Looking forward to fri-nally!

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    March 12, 2017

    You look great. Love all the photos. ❤