The best part about this weekly post on FRINALLY is looking back on memories. So often we take life for granted. All of the little things that actually make our lives unique. For example: taking a walk in the village, picking up local flowers from the market, trying new restaurants, having laughs with friends, smelling the fresh air. All of these things are what actually make up your life. So all I’m trying to say is don’t sweat all the other crazy junk in your brain. We all battle the BS in our brains like have I updated my Facebook profile? Did I pick up my dry cleaning? Will the post office be open by 7? Will I look cool if I post a picture by a vintage car like that really sexy girl Rocky Barnes? Or I have to take as many photos as possible to add to Snapchat, Instagram, Instagram Stories, Facebook, Facebook Stories – whatever the next new media app is so that people know I exist. Sure as silly as this sounds all these things are part of our lives regardless, because we live in a DigitalLand, but all I’m saying is don’t sweat those. Learn how to take the time to just flow with it, and that’s what makes this post so unique. Because this was a time in my life when I was doing just that. I was off the grid & single (somewhat) – No one really knew where I was & what I was doing & why I was in Ohio. I was having fun with friends, attempting to power down from social media, tasting unusual foods, and smiling. Smiling a lot. That’s when you know you’re living a unique life. Because your body is happy, and if you’re not sweating the BS in your brain. I promise you you’ll be happy. Go out, and enjoy your weekend! EAT WALK & SMILE. Smile as much as possible. 

xx, Tiffany 



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  1. Yelena Cameron
    March 31, 2017 / 3:24 pm

    Love this sexy strong girl look😍 Agreed…appreciate all the things that make us and our lives unique!

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